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Global X SuperIncomeā„¢ Preferred ETF SPFF:NYSE Arca

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$8.655 -0.1241 (-1.41%) $8.51/3 $9.01/2 38,510 Below Avg. 
As of close 10/02/2023

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Fund Highlights:
  • 49 Total Holdings
  • $185.0M Total Assets
  • 0.48% Expense Ratio
% Portfolio
Wells Fargo & Co 7 1/2 % Non Cum Perp Co...8.34%13.2K$14.8M
Bank of America Corp 7 1/4 % Non-Cum Per...6.56%10.3K$11.6M
AT&T Inc 4.75% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 - 1/...3.96%383.3K$7.0M
JPMorgan Chase & Co PRF PERPETUAL USD 25...3.51%328.5K$6.2M
Capital One Financial Corp Series I3.42%328.5K$6.1M
Morgan Stanley 6.50% PRF PERPETUAL USD 2...3.14%218.9K$5.6M
Duke Energy Corp 5.75% PRF PERPETUAL USD...3.00%220.0K$5.3M
Allstate Corp 5.10% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25...2.89%251.8K$5.1M
AT&T Inc 5% PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 1/1000t...2.86%262.7K$5.1M
Capital One Financial Corp 4.80% PRF PER...2.71%273.9K$4.8M
Energy Transfer LP FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL U...2.45%175.1K$4.3M
Athene Holding Ltd FXDFR PRF PERPETUAL U...2.35%188.7K$4.2M
Bank of America Corp Pfd2.26%186.2K$4.0M
The Goldman Sachs Group Inc DR2.21%153.2K$3.9M
Ford Motor Company 0%2.20%175.1K$3.9M
Ford Motor Company 0%2.14%164.1K$3.8M
Truist Financial Corp PRF PERPETUAL USD ...2.14%202.4K$3.8M
Sempra 0%2.13%165.8K$3.8M
Crestwood Equity Partners LP 9.25 % Pref...2.10%391.3K$3.7M
Athene Holding Ltd PRF PERPETUAL USD 25 ...1.78%131.8K$3.2M

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