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Schwab U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF™ SCHZ:NYSE Arca

Last Price Today's Change Bid/Size Ask/Size Today's Volume 
$44.71 +0.17 (0.38%) $44.31/1 $46.00/1 514,376 Average 
As of close 09/22/2023


Greatest Deviation from NAV
Greatest Premium
Greatest Discount
Days Within +/- 0.5% of NAV
Number of Days3,014
Percent of Days98.9%
Days Above and Below NAV


ETFs trade intra-day on an exchange like stocks during normal market hours. While the intra-day market price generally tracks close to the net value (NAV) of the portfolio's underlying assets, the market price can deviate by trading at either a premium or a discount. ETFs will trade at a premium to the NAV when demand exceeds supply and conversely trade at a discount when supply exceeds demand. The Premium or Discount is the difference between the current market price and the net asset value of an ETF.

You can use the Premium Discount tool to research how closely the Schwab ETF market price has historically traded compared to the NAV.

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