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Ulta Beauty Inc ULTA:NASDAQ
Last PriceToday's ChangeToday's Volume
$402.95+3.50 (0.88%)892,636Above Average
As of 4:00pm ET, 10/02/2023
Company Performance
Today's Open$402.09
Previous Close$399.45
Day's Range$398.78 - $406.80
52 Week range$373.80 - $556.60
Avg. Volume (10 Day)685,017
Put/Call Ratio (1 Day)1.2
Put/Call Ratio (30 Day)1.1
ULTA does not currently pay a dividend.
Market Capitalization (Mid Cap)$19.7B
Shares Outstanding49.23M
Shares Held By Institutions95%
Headlines for Oct 02, 2023
There are no headlines for Oct 02, 2023
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Company Headlines
  • Form 8-K Ulta Beauty, Inc. For: Sep 13
  • RPT-U.S. trucking firms see freight downturn reversing after dour quarter
  • U.S. trucking firms see freight downturn reversing after dour quarter
Press Releases
  • The Best 10 Places to Buy Beauty Products Online
Edgar Filings
  • Form 8-K Ulta Beauty, Inc. For: Sep 13
  • Form 10-Q Ulta Beauty, Inc. For: Jul 29
  • Form 8-K Ulta Beauty, Inc. For: Aug 24
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